Cellwood Machinery is growing!

Cellwood Machinery acquires Metrans AB

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Shanying Paper entrusts Cellwood.

We are happy to announce that Shanying Paper (Guangdong) entrusts Cellwood with 3 x dispersion systems.

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Södra Cell chooses Cellwood – again.

We are thrilled to announce that Cellwood Machinery has, once again, been entrusted with a pulper-rebuild to Södra Cell. This time a horizontal 2W80 – 125/84SF to the project “Expansion SCV 2.0” to Södra Cell-group.

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This is Cellwood

Every day Cellwood equipment saves 1.5 million trees from being harvested. Recycling of waste paper is made possible by our machine systems, found in hundreds of paper mills around the world. Key values with our solutions are higher paper quality and lower energy demand in the production. In the pulp and paper industry we are…

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Cellwood continues to proudly supply Södra Cell

In the middle of April, earlier this year, Södra Cell Mörrum decided to place an order for an additional Grubbens horizontal pulper 2W25-64/51S to the press section of TM2. The pulper will be part of a package including montage/de-montage, valves, piping, pumps, motors and conveyors in collaboration with both Metrans and Sulzer. The delivery will…

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We would still love to visit – digitally

During times of uncertainty, we can only do what’s best of every situation with the conditions that prevail. When it’s impossible to travel internationally to meet with both current- and future customers, it’s still possible for us to meet with you. Digitally. Cellwood Machinery has made sure to be 100% ready for whenever you need…

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Sterilize more than your hands. Use your HDS to get rid of all bacteria and spores within your pulp!

Has there ever been a more critical time when it comes to taking care of your personal hygiene? Can you guarantee your customer the product is free from bacteria? The responsibility that now lies with us to stop this virus from spreading, even more, has caused us to take several drastic measures. Some more obvious…

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Nitto Shokai bring new faces to a familiar market

Cellwood Machinery is happy to announce a new member to the Cellwood-family. Nitto Shokai will take over as representatives on the Japanese market for all world-known brands as Krima, Grubbens, and Algas. The agreement was settled in Cellwoods headquarter in Nässjö on Tuesday the 28th of January, 2020.   "We see great potential in the Japanese…

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Cellwood Research & Technology Centre

In September 2019, Cellwood performed the 1000th test trial in our Research and Technology Centre, located in Nässjö – Sweden. Over the years,  customers from all over the globe have been invited to test our  full-scale pilot plant along with their very own raw material. Together with our customers we have learned and developed a…

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Vina Kraft Paper Co. Ltd. – Vietnam

Cellwood´s Grubbens Vertical Pulper has been successfully commissioned at Vina Kraft Paper – Vietnam. In September 2018 Cellwood Machinery rebuilt a bale pulper for Vina Kraft Paper. The installation consists of a new rotor unit 105/84 SF, engineering for internal lead plates as well as a new drive unit.The rebuilt was part of an energy…

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Liansheng Paper Industry Co, China

In February 2019, Liansheng Paper Industry Co contracted Cellwood Machinery for the supply of two new Krima Hot Dispersing Units to be designated PM10. The new PM10 machine will be located in Liansheng’s paper mill in the Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone. Founded in 2004, Liansheng Paper Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the largest papermaking…

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Arctic Paper Kostrzyn S.A. - Poland

Cellwood Machinery AB to supply rebuild of PM1 Couch- and Press Pulper at Arctic Paper Kostrzyn Mill.The rebuild is a part of a capacity increase project and after the rebuild, these Pulpers will be able to handle 580 TPD. Arctic Paper Kostrzyn S.A. is the largest manufacturer of offset papers in Poland and the second…

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Cellwood to upgrade deinking line at Colombiana Tissue

Colombiana Tissue has awarded Cellwood with the contract to install a Krima HDS system in its Palmira, Colombia mill. The system will be installed to improve overall quality and to lower raw material costs. Colombiana Tissue S.A.S – with a mill situated in Palmira, they manufacture and distribute a variety of products such as hygienic…

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New case study - Krima

Read our new case study: Stronger and cleaner yet cheaper

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Cellwood to supply a Pulper installation to Södra Cell Mörrum Sweden

On 16 February, the Board of Directors of Södra decided to invest SEK 1 billion in the pulp mill at Mörrum. The investment is the second stage of a long-term initiative at Södra Cell Mörrum, and will increase the mill's capacity by 45,000 tonnes. Cellwood will be a proud supplier for this project, supplying a…

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    Full service on site with your machine delivery.

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    We have offices in Sweden, Canada, Germany, China, and agents all over the world.

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Are you in need of technical support or wear parts for your machine? Interested in a visit from our staff or a project quotation? Please contact one of our local offices around the world!

Johan Göth
Johan Göth Sales & Marketing Director Phone: + 46 (0)380 76092 Mobile: + 46 (0)70 200 0928 Email: johan.goth@cellwood.se
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Niklas Tunell Area Sales Manager, N & S America Phone: + 1 416 925 8772 Mobile: + 1 416 704 0147 Email: niklas.tunell@cellwood.se
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Mårten Karlberg Area Sales Manager Mobile: + 46 (0)70 760 4132 Email: marten.karlberg@cellwood.se
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Kaj Trymell Area Sales Manager, Estate Manager Phone: + 46 (0)380 76006 Mobile: + 46 (0)70 673 9042 Email: kaj.trymell@cellwood.se
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Åsa Billfeldt After Sales Manager Phone: + 46 (0)380 76021 Mobile: + 46 (0) 70 322 02 22 Email: asa.billfeldt@cellwood.se
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Gith Cedulf Marketing Coordinator Spare Parts Phone: + 46 (0)380 76018 Email: gith.cedulf@cellwood.se
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Olivia Holm Sales Coordinator Spare Parts Phone: + 46 (0)380 76095 Email: olivia.holm@cellwood.se
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Veronica Uddén Shipping Manager Phone: + 46 (0)380 76003 Email: veronica.udden@cellwood.se
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Carl-Johan Jarnehammar CFO Phone: + 46 (0)380 76020 Email: carl-johan.jarnehammar@cellwood.se
Stefan Virtanen
Stefan Virtanen Technical Manager Phone: + 46 (0)380 76025 Mobile: + 46 (0)72 731 3368 Email: stefan.virtanen@cellwood.se
Björn Math
Björn Math Purchasing Manager Phone: + 46 (0)380 76081 Email: bjorn.math@cellwood.se
Tomas Anarp
Tomas Anarp Senior Technical Advisor Phone: + 46 (0)380 76014 Mobile: + 46 (0)70 644 8478 Email: tomas.anarp@cellwood.se
Daniel Stenberg
Daniel Stenberg Product Manager, Grubbens Email: daniel.stenberg@cellwood.se
Ola Sahlstedt
Ola Sahlstedt Product Manager, Krima Phone: + 46 (0)380 76019 Email: ola.sahlstedt@cellwood.se
Praveen P.R
Praveen P.R Technical Support Manager Phone: + 91 97 46 89 01 34 Email: praveen.pr@cellwood.se
Ulla Fischer
Ulla Fischer Managing Director, Germany Mobile: +49 (0) 171 7326611 Email: info@algasgmbh.de
Frank Hinterwälder
Frank Hinterwälder Sales & Application Manager Mobile: +49 (0) 151 15381576 Email: frank.hinterwaelder@algasgmbh.de
Patricia Schaffrath
Patricia Schaffrath Production, Filter Cloth Email: office@algasgmbh.de
Kevin Klassen
Kevin Klassen Area Sales Manager Phone: + 49 (0) 151 14152575 Email: kevin.klassen@cellwood.se
Christopher Plaß
Christopher Plaß After Sales Email: info@algasgmbh.de
Frank Jiang
Frank Jiang Managing Director, China Phone: + 86 21 5496 1756-808 Mobile: + 86 138 1680 0426 Email: frank.jiang@cellwood.se
Kent Xu
Kent Xu Senior Erection Supervisor Phone: + 86 21 5496 1756 Mobile: +86 138 1642 5353 Email: kent.xu@cellwood.se
Paul Gao
Paul Gao Senior Commissioning Engineer Phone: + 86 139 2260 8493 Email: paul.gao@cellwood.se
Tony Lu
Tony Lu After Market Sales Engineer Phone: + 86 21 5496 1756 Mobile: + 86 188 0191 0507 Email: tony.lu@cellwood.se